About Us


Since 2012, Webscale has been focused on one thing: develop brilliant technology that gives mid-market e-commerce and enterprise businesses complete control over their web applications, helping them achieve better performance, scalability and security than companies many times their size. In other words, give them the power to compete.

Our customers are big fans:

“In a recent large promotion we hit a new peak checkout rate of ten per second, selling out in minutes, while maintaining site performance and checkout response time. With Webscale we no longer have to worry about scaling to tackle these spikes.”- THINKGEEK

“With the level of traffic Skinit gets on a daily basis, we can’t afford downtime, even if it’s due to cloud provider unavailability. Webscale keeps us always-on, always fast and always available.” – SKINIT

“After implementing Webscale, our website speed was immediately 400 times faster, with page load times reduced from 9 seconds to 1.2 seconds.” – BAD KITTY

If you’d like to learn more about the work we do, and how we can help you build and maintain an awesome online business with a world-class infrastructure, then please follow our blog, and connect with us socially via the links up there on the right.